TRAFFIC MONITORING – Top 4 Reason Why You Must Do It

Quality Traffic MonitoringTraffic monitoring is a must process if you generate traffic from paid media. No matter how cheap is your traffic, how quality is your traffic or where your traffic are coming from, always remember to monitor the quality of your traffic.

First, Traffic Monitoring For Unique Visitors %!

Always check the percentage of the unique visitors you received from your order because it ‘suseless if you have 1000 views on your offer with 80% of them are repeated viewers. This means your offer only exposed to 200 people instead of 1000 people.

Second, Know Where They Came From?

What to do next is to check the source of your traffic and where your viewers are coming from. This is crucial if you are building a list because a lot of traffic providers do not deliver what they promise. I was a victim before so I don’t want you to experience what I had gone through.

Traffic Source Monitoring

For example, some website owner allows you to advertise on their website and they will claim that 90% of their visitors are from Tier 1 countries, United State, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. However, you might only receive 50% Tier 1 traffic.

Another example is from Solo Ad sellers. If you buy solo ads, I think you will be very familiar with these statements.

Unique Clicks“75%+ T1 clicks”

“90% T1 clicks + 20% Over Delivery”

“Special offer for Tier 1 only clicks”

If you don’t do traffic monitoring, most probably you will be the next victim.

Traffic Monitoring for Best Traffic

Third, Internet Traffic Monitor For Best Quality Traffic.

Quality is much more important than quantity! Some seller might send you the traffic redirected from some traffic exchange site like or PPV media. What they normally do is to get your money to buy cheap traffic from PPV campaign and redirect them back to your site. Most of these PPV traffic are not quality and they only worth 1 to 2 penny per click.

Forth, Avoid Buying Fake Traffic

Forth, don’t pay for fake traffic. There are a lot of “bastard” scammer out there who send “bot” traffic. With current technology, they can easily generate list to fake traffic by using software and tools. So, monitor your traffic and don’t burn your money for this.

Avoid Bot Traffics

If you want to protect your business and save your money, watch the video below to learn Traffic Monitoring Secret from the professional.


I suggest you to arm yourself with this traffic analyzer or traffic monitoring system because you will have all the data you need to identify the traffic quality and ask for refund if the seller do not deliver what was promised.




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