Spam Mail – How To Avoid Writing It?

Your deliverate rate is the percentage of emails that you deliver to your list that actually reaches their email inbox. With all sorts of advanced spam filters nowadays will recognize your email as spam mail so it’s getting seemingly harder and harder to send emails to your subscribers (especially when sending promo emails). That being said, there’s a couple of ways you can prevent writing spam mail and improve your delivery rate.

Spam Mail

4 Ways To Prevent Writing Spam Mail

  1. Fluttermail spam mailAvoid words such as sex, drugs, Viagra, make money online, MLM, and make money fast. These words have been determined as spam by most spam filters so if you really must use the term “make money online”, be sure to cut them off with some punctuations such E.g Make m’oney online.
    spam mail
  2. Delivery rate is one thing, but if you have a spammy title that manages to get through the spam filters, people won’t open it if it looks too suspicious. Avoid titles such as: “OPEN NOW AND MAKE 50,000 INSTANTLY!!”. Remember, always treat your customers with respect and don’t overblow things in your headlines.
    spam mail
  3. The hardsell versus the softsell. Hardsell always has that spammy factors. The hard sell is basically shoving offers down people’s throat. But have you heard of the soft sell? The soft sell is more to understanding your subscriber’s needs, laying down the benefits gently and how your product can help them and finally kindly s-uggesting a solution to their needs.
    spam mail
  4. Multiple emails. Nobody likes being told the same thing over and over again, but sometimes It’s necessary in case people didn’t managed to read your first email or it somehow ended up in the spam folder. One way is to include titles like “Gentle reminder…” or “Courtesy reminder…” to let you know that you are sending a second email because you care and whether they want to open it or not is a different story.
    spam mail

All in all, be nice, cut out all the spam mail and respect your subscribers. Treat them like human beings and all the best in your business!

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