Search Engines

Do You Know How The Search Engines Work?

What are Search Engines?

Top Search Engines

They are special websites that is created to help browser or Search Engine users to find valuable information or contents on the web. Different Search Engine function differently however all Internet Search Engines perform these three simple tasks:

  • Search site with relevant contents on the net based on keywords or key phrases.
  • Keep index for the keywords they successfully find.
  • Rank the contents or information based on the keywords or key phrases on their sites and allows the users to see the most relevant websites.

Examples of Search Engines

Below are some of the Top Search Engines on the internet today. If you know how they works, you can drives tons of visitors your website and print as much cash as you want if you monetize your website!

Don’t worry if you don’t know some of them, I will explain more on these Search Engines in later chapter.

How Search Engines Work

Search Engines Web Crawling

Want to get website ranking? You must know how they work!

Today, there are hundreds of millions of webpages on any Search Engine. Before the Search Engine allows you to see the contents, they must be found first and list them according to their ranking on the Search Engine.

Search Engine will leverage on some software robots like spiders to build the keywords list that found on websites through web crawling process.

Web Crawling Process

Search Engines’ spiders will “crawl” through a lot of webpages before they maintain or build a useful keywords list.

Search Engines Optimization

Now the question is how do Search Engines’ spider travels from a website to another website on the internet? They usually begin with popular pages or sites with lots of visitors then start indexing the keywords and following all the links found within the site. By doing this, Search Engines’ spider can travel from site to site quickly and build a list of keywords from most common used portions on the net.

Once Search Engines’ spider done their job, they will store all the information that’s accessible for their users through the following methods:

  1. Keywords and phrases found on the web.
  2. URL of the website.
  3. Number of times the keyword appears on the webpage.
  4. Where the keyword appears on the webpage, in title, of the page, headings, sub-headings, links or META tags?
  5. Rank the webpages according to the weightage of the keywords found on them.

However, different Search Engine have different formulas to decide the weightage of the keywords so this is the reason why some your webpage have different ranking of different Search Engine.

Basically this is how the Search Engines work to rank your website or webpages on them. If you know how they work, what they want and do exactly what they want you to do, they will rank you on top of them.

I hope you find this article, “Understand How The Search Engines Work” to be useful in your business. You may watch the short video below to learn more. See you in the next post. Bye.



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