Who Else Wants A Kick-Ass Search Engine Ranking!

Search Engine RankingYou might think that the ways to increase your website search engine ranking is tough, hassle, complicated or too technical for you so you avoid dealing with it. Now, I want to tell you if you are not responsible for your website and deal with it, no one will!

A highly Search Engine Optimize website is the key to succeed in online business. If you have the burning desire to succeed in online business, there is no reason for you to not doing it.

Why Search Engine Ranking?

Let me ask you two questions before we proceed. How many of you or your friends online in last two hours? And how many of you or your friends open yellow pages in last two months? The answer is very obvious right!

This is the reason why online presence and seo ranking is essential for your business. According to global statistic, at least 85% of the people actually find products and services on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and etc. The other 15% of people might use offline medium like magazines, newspaper or yellow pages.

The purpose of getting your pages or website for higher Search Engine ranking is to attract more targeted and potential customers to your site. The higher your page rank on Search Engines, the higher the chance of your page appears on the first page of Search Engines. This is the trick to direct large amount of traffic to your website for free and this is what SEO marketing all about.

Title Bars For SEO Optimization

Title Bar Caption for Search Engine Ranking

First of all, you must examine the title bar on your homepage before you start tweaking or making adjustment on your site to improve the ranking. Title bar is located on the top part of your page and make sure your search engine keyword or your company name is included in it.

Next thing is to check all the links and title bars on your page. Every title bar in your page should contain the main keywords or key phrases that represent your page. In addition, avoid using long string keywords and keeping them not more than 6 words. Apart from that, ensure that there is no identical words must not next to each other in the title bar.

Content Is The King

Write good contents on your page will increase your page ranking because Search Engines will list all the sites that provide quality and relevant content that are able to feed the readers.

In order to do that, your content must have the most relevant keywords that customers might search on the Search Engines in order to find your content.

Content is the king

Target to have approximately 250 words or more for every content you provided on your site. If you want to get good ranking on Search Engines, make sure Search Engines able to read your content. This means that your content must be in HTML format because Search Engine unable to read it if it’s in graphical format.

Little Booster META Tags in Page Ranking

meta tagNext, let’s talk about META tags. Although META tags doesn’t help much, it’s worth to add them for a little boost helps in website ranking. Request your webmaster to add in META tags as they are part of the ranking formula of Search Engines.


Link Popularity or Backlinking

backlinkLastly, leverage on link popularity because majority of the Search engines use it to rank your site. Link popularity also knows as backlink which means how you link your site to other quality sites throughout the web.

Below are some of the site you can use to check the link popularity of your site:

  1. http://openlinkprofiler.org/
  2. https://www.pagerank.net/link-popularity-checker/
  3. http://www.freewebsubmission.com/link-popularity.html

If there are not many sites backlinked to you, you can contact quality sites and ask for link exchange. You might face a lot of challenges but it worth to do it because linking you site to popular and quality sites not only increase your ranking, it also bring more traffics to your site.

Search Engine ranking is crucial to succeed in internet business. So, before you hire any Search Engine optimization company or start a new SEO marketing campaign, consider what you just learned. Remember, the higher your Ranking on Search Engine, the more quality customers you will get.

Extra knowledge for seo search engine optimization and search engine ranking:



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