Super Tips To Choose A Search Engine Optimization Company Right!

Why outsource you work to Search Engine Optimization Company

Search Engine Optimization CompanySometime, maintaining high Search Engine positions on your own might be very time consuming. Apart from that, it also requires certain level of effort and specialized Search Engine Optimization knowledge. So, hire a Search Engine Optimization Company is the smart ways to rank your website fast by doing less work.


How to Choose the Right Company

Right Search Engine Optimization Company helps you to raise and monitor your Search Engine positions on the regular basis. There are a lots of good SEO services company out there but there are a lot of junks too.

Website RankingFirstly, find out their SEO optimization strategy. If the they use doorway, bridge or cloaked pages to raise your Search Engines Ranking, stay away from them. These techniques violate Search Engines policy which will cause your website to be removed from Search Engine’s Index!

What is Doorway, Bridge and Cloaked Pages?

It is an invisible webpage that coded to capture Search Engine Spider and redirect them to this page. By doing this, your website is artificially boosted to the top of Search Engines. Bridge and doorway pages works similar to cloaked page but they function under different server.

Doorway Pages Strategy from Search Engine Optimization Company

Google is the largest Search Engine on the net and will definitely penalize your website if they detect any doorway, bridge or cloaked pages on you website. So, NEVER work with any SEO agency that employs these tactics even though they offer your a free trial service. 

Secondly, make sure the Search Engine Optimization Company does not work with any of your competitors before and in future. Try to imagine, what if your competitors use the same keywords and SEO marketing strategy. So, make a legal agreement with your SEO consultant because some of them might use your website as a success story and offer their SEO services to your competitors.

Alexa Ranking

Thirdly, analyse the company’s previous results and records. However, don’t 100% trust what the SEO Company because they will tell you something beyond their achievement in order to get your money. Do some verification by asking them some questions. 

First of all, ask them to show some of their websites they worked on before. Get the link and search on . For example, YouTube always ranked at No. 2 or 3 Globally. Any website that ranked above 100,000 globally is awesome.

Next, identify the keywords and key phrases that they work best with because it is very easy to rank high in search engines with unpopular keywords. Check this software, . You can use the free trial version or paid version to rate the keywords popularities according to different Search Engine. This is crucial because it’s no point to get rank on top of Search Engines with low popularity keywords.

Lastly, get the proof because some Search Engine Optimization Company will use other’s results to get you to buy their services. Request reports that they send to their clients. You will see what are the popular keywords work best and rank on top of most Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization Reports

Example of Search Engine Optimization Company's ReportPlease remember that successful Search Engine Optimization campaign will get your website to maximum exposure. So always request your Search Engine Optimization Company to send you monthly report for tracking purpose. It is essential for you to monitor your website ranking on different Search Engines base on the keyword you use and ask the company to change their strategy when you find your ranking drops. However, don’t be surprise when you see your keywords work great on some Search Engines only because different Search Engine works differently.

Financial issues

Financial IssueIt’s very obvious that you need to pay for Search Engine Optimization Company. However, you cannot be stingy on this because you need it to succeed in your Search Engines marketing campaign. If you cannot afford to hire a Website Optimixation Company at this moment, I suggest you to wait until you have the finances in place.

This is exceptional. If your burning desire can’t wait for your finances to catch up, you may consider hiring a new company. There are new companies out there that offer competitive price with same level of quality as old company. However, there are certain level of risk and uncertainty because new company can’t show you much proven track record. So, don’t open your wallet until they give you at least 2 references.

References for New Search Engine Optimization Company.

Reference is the best source to identify the quality and reliability of a new company. Do not work with any company that gives you all sort of reasons that they cannot give you references (confidentiality is not accepted). You need to know that even lawyers, doctors or architects will give references! So, the company you have chosen must provide you at least two references – one from the past and the other one is current.

Please prepare some precise and specific questions before you contact the references. 

  1. How’s your experience with this company?
  2. Do they answer your questions and deal with your problems?
  3. Are they keep their promise and deliver before deadlines?
  4. What is your overall rating for the company’s performance?
  5. Is your profit increase after work with the company?

Question 5 is the most essential question because without profits, it’s no use even though your website rank on the first place of Search Engines.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy this article and remember all the key points before you choose any Search Engine Optimization Company to work with. 

If you want to try doorway pages, you may need to watch the video below “What Are Doorway Pages and Why Google Penalizes Them.”

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