Search Engine Keywords – Little Known Ways to Get Ranked on Google

Search Engine KeywordsSEO is an excellent way to direct tons of potential visitors to your websites continuously and consistently. However, you must choose the right Search Engine Keywords in order to get audiences to your website.

Search Engine Keywords

Search Engine Keywords Open SesameYour SEO keywords as an “Open Sesame!” of search engines.

So, keyword research is essential for you to attract high targeted audience to your website. This is because highly targeted keyword work like traffic-magnet which consistently brings you customer whereas overly-used or general keyword works like craps-magnet which consistently brings your craps traffic.

Always spend some times to choose a great precision keyword or otherwise your right audience will never find you on the internet. Your initial step in getting the right search engine marketing is to evaluate the right keywords that actually best describe you website content.

Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

Put Yourself In Your Customer's ShoesFirst of all, you must think exactly like how your customers think because it’s tough for you to get the right search engine keywords if you think like a business owner. As an internet entrepreneur, your task is to solve your customers’ problem and not to change the money in their pocket into your pocket!

So, how to do that? Instead of doing it yourself, why not ask from our customers! Believe me, you will understand your customers better by identifying their needs.

Search Engine Keywords Evaluation

Should you use these search engine keywords now? No, you can’t. The next step is keywords evaluation. You only do this after you accumulated all the potential search engine keywords from your invaluable resource – your customers.

The purpose of evaluation is to obtain better targeted search engine keywords by narrowing your keyword list to drive the largest number of targeted visitors to your website. Don’t you agree that there is no point by selecting a keyword that only search by 5 people per month? By “targeted visitors” I define as visitor that might possibly become a buyer rather than just a browser. By doing the right evaluation process, there are 3 more elements that you must remember: 

  1. Popularity,
  2. Specificity, and
  3. Motivation.

Keywords Popularity

Firstly, evaluate the popularity of your keywords. This step is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee because you can do it by using software. Higher popularity keywords mean higher numbers of people type them on Search Engines.  If you use these keywords correctly you can increase the chances of people click on you website URL.

Wordtracker for Search engine KeywordsHere is the keyword research tool you can use to evaluate the right search engine keywords to use for your website: WordTracker. This powerful software will suggests similar keywords too. You can visit here if you want to know how it works. How to use WordTracker.

However, popularity is not enough for you to get a good rank on browser. It’s good to use a higher popularity search engine keywords to bring more traffic to your website but people will don’t give a sh*t if your website is rank on the 10th page. Will you bother to something on the 10th page of the search results? Mostly probably don’t right? So your customers also wouldn’t do that too.

Keywords Specifiity

Secondly, you must be specific with your search engine keywords used. Let’s see an example. Let’s say you found a high popularity search engine keyword – healthy foods. However, your business is specializes on healthy organic foods. Apparently the keyword “healthy organic foods” is less popular than “healthy foods,” but it would bring you better results. Why? Instead of getting peoples that interested in eating healthy organic foods, you will get tons of untargeted front ends customers being directed to your website. In other words, you only attract consumers that need your services and minimize the competition.

Motivatation from Search Engine Keywords

Positive Expectancy Searc engine KeywordsThirdly, motivate you customer with positive expectancy. Once again, think like how you customer think. Will you do business with someone that only wants your money or someone that cares about you? Let’s see another example, if you are a consumer that is looking for weight loss program. Which want will you choose if you have to choose between “weight loss program” and “easy weight loss program”? Which one do you prefer? Would you like something that is tough? Or something that is easy? Think about it.

The second search engine keyword brings positive expectancy to your customers by telling them your weight loss program is easy to follow and they can do it. Unconsciously, they will choose you instead of your competitor. If you want to drives customers that are ready buy your product or services to your website, do this.

Lastly, Track, Track and Track Your Results

Once you chose your search engine keywords for your website, you must monitor the performance of your website on different Search Engines because trends change. You will not know how your website perform base on traffic analysis because it can’t tell you the conversion of how many people buy your product and services.

Select a suitable search engine keywords may sound like a lot of work, but the effort you put into it determine the success or failure of your business. I hope you can find some golden nugget from this article and see you in the next blog post. Bye bye.

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