Top 15 Questions To Ask For Buying Quality Solo Ads

Solo AdsIf you want to build your list fast, buy solo ads is one of the best option. Solo ads is a standalone advertisement that allow you to get your message to your targeted audience without any competition and distraction. 

Money is in the list? No! Money is not in the list unless you have a very quality and responsive list. Now-a-days, there are many solo ads vendor who sell fake and bot clicks in the market and below are the little tricks I use to buy good and quality solo ads:

  1. Check their testimonials
    • You can check their testimonial here if you in MMO, business opportunity, MLM or work from home niche – Solo Ads Testimonial.
    • If you are from other niches, you can ask them to show their testimonials.
  2. I will check on Solo Ads Black List Group on Facebook to make sure I’m buying the solo ads from the right person.

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Top 15 Questions I Ask Before I Buy Any Solo Ads.

#1 – What niche are you in?

  • You must know your audience. Don’t you think it’s funny if you offer weight loss product to audience who interested in parenting and families?

#2 – How did you build your list.

  • You can know the quality of the solo ads buy knowing how’s the vendors build their list.
  • Try to avoid from vendors that build their list by offering freebies to their subscribers because you can easilly get opt ins from the freebie list but it’s hard for you to convert them into sales.

#3 – Are you using single or double opt in to build your list?

  • Personally I don’t care much on this. If the vendor build their list through double opt in, the list is more responsive.

#4 – Is this a buyer list?

  • Buyer list is the list that bought something from the vendor before so it’s easier for you to convert them into sales.

#5 – How frequent do you send solo ads?

  • Frequency of solo ads sending out to the list can determine the quality of the solo ads.
  • Try not to buy solo ads from vendor that spam their list everyday.
  • Ideal frequency will be 1-3 solo ads a week.

#6 – How frequent do you send quality contents, tips or articles to your list?

  • Vendor who do this will have a more responsive and engaging list.

#7 – How big is your list now?

  • You need this information to predict your results.
  • Please refer to point #8.

#8 – What is your average email open rate?

  • Some marketers will check for the vendor’s email open rate but I don’t care much on this too.

#9 – What is your average email click through rate?

  • If you know the list size and the email click through rate, you can print cash virtually.
  • Let do some calculation. If the vendor have a list of 30,000 subscribers and he/she has an email click through rate of 3%, you will get 600 people to view your page. [30,000 x 3% = 900 viewers]
  • If your landing page opt in rate is 40%, you will get 360 subscribers. [900 x 40% = 360]
  • If your sales conversion is 2% and you made $97 per sale, you revenue will be $679. [360 x 2% x $97= $679]
  • If you investment for the solo ad is $300, you cost per lead will be $0.83 and your clean profit will be $379. [$679 – $300 = $379]

#10 – What offers worked the best for your list in past 3 months?

  • If you know the asnwer, you can offer simillar offers to your audiences.

#11 – What offers worked the worst for your list in past 3 months?

  • You must ask this before you buy any solo ads because you will lost your money in a blink of eye time if you promoting something your audience don’t like.

#12 – Do you think my offer will convert well in your list?

  • The result is no guarantee but it’s better to ask the opinion from the vendor.
  • Some vendor will give you some golden nuggets or tips before you buy solo ads from them.

#13 – When is your next available spot?

  • Time is equal to money! Always know how fast the vendor can send the solo ad for you. 
  • Here’s my experience, I bought a solo ad from a vendor and he took 5 weeks to send out my solo ad. I believe you also don’t want this happen to you too.

#14 – How can I subscribe to your list.

  • This is to play safe and make sure the vendor send your message to your audience.

#15 – Is there any promotion or offer for first time buyer?

  • Some vendor will give you a lower price for testing out their solo ads.

Last but not least, no all solo ads vendor will answer all the questions but try your best to collect as much information as possible. I hope this help you in your business when you want to build your list through solo ads.


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