How To Create Passive Income Through Email Marketing!

Hey Maxwell, thanks for question you sent me yesterday through my Facebook Fan Page on how to create passive income through email marketing. Below is the answer that might help you on this question.

In order to become financially free by email marketing is to build your passive income from your email list that exceeds your daily expenditure or lifestyle expenses. 

How To Create Passive Income Through Email Marketing

Email Marketing

So how do you make passive income through sending emails?

First of all, you’ll need to set up your email autoresponder using services such as Getresponse or Aweber. From there, you can schedule daily emails to be sent to your subscribers.

The series of follow up emails would ultimately depend on what product you are promoting. For example, if you are in the dating niche, you might want your first few emails to talk about dating tips and techniques for the first few days. After a week or so, you can then promote a product based on the dating niche which would appeal to your audience.

In your promotional email, you would talk about this latest product regarding your niche or promote a product of a partners for affiliate commissions. Inside the promo email will be a link to a sales page where people who click on it would be sent to a sales page and hopefully, get converted into a customer.

The final step of passive income automation through emails is drawing tons of traffic. Passive income involves you not being there, so your traffic has to come automatically. Therefore, you might want to consider investing in some advertising or building SEO so that your list size gets built without you being there.

The traffic has to be sent to a single page website called a landing page or a squeeze page where you can collect subscribers from. (By them opting into your opt in box which is provided by the email autoresponder service)

Maxwell, I hope this article helps you to get some idea on generating passive income though email marketing.

Dear readers, thank you very much for your time to read this article. Please do let me know if you have any enquiries regarding online marketing, PM me at my Fan Page, Autocruise Affiliate Marketing Fan Page.

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