Paid Traffic VS SEO Traffic – Which One Is Better?

Hey James, here’s your answer regarding paid traffic and SEO Traffic. I hope this article helps you.

When it comes to ranking in the search engines, a lot of people are confused if they should just ditch it and go for paid traffic instead. There is an advantage to either system you are using and regardless of what your strategies are, with the right tactics and enough hard work, you are quite likely to gather a lot of ROI from either strategy.

Paid Traffic vs SEO Traffic

(Paid Traffic VS SEO Traffic)

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is great because it can be turned on like a faucet. So long as you can afford to pay the bill, you are in good shape! If your business doesn’t profit from paid traffic, you have a problem. Like a leaky faucet, you’d better turn it off quickly! This is essentially trading money for money, so if you are time poor and money rich, this is the place for you to be getting traffic from.

SEO Traffic

SEO Traffic on the other hand takes a totally different look at traffic generation. Doing SEO effectively is a lot like being a good gardener. You have to plant the seeds and make sure that they grow, and can’t expect it all to come together right then and there. You need to build links, optimize your site, offer plenty of content, and get yourself in good shape for every visitor you have. This is really essential to your success as an entrepreneur.

There are advantages to either system depending on where you stand in the online business game. If you are time poor, paid traffic is a great strategy for you. People who have time to build links should look into SEO traffic as it is much more profitable in the long run. After all, when you don’t pay for each visitor, your overall earnings are a lot better and get much more of a profit margin left over for you.

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Paid Traffic

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Paid Traffic

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