Millionaire Guide To Get Targeted MLM Leads Using Solo Ads

Paid traffic is one of the most efficient ways to promote MLM offers because you can get huge amount of targeted leads in a very short time. There are different sorts of paid traffic out there but what I like the most is solo ads

For those who are new to it, here’s the basic definition: Solo ads is an advertisement you pay to get a publisher/vendor to email your offer to their subscriber list. 

Before we talk more on how to use solo ads to generate leads, let’s talk about why it is a good method to get targeted leads to your MLM offers.

First: You only promote your MLM offers to publisher/vendor who own a list of subscribers that only interested on make money online offers, business opportunity, MLM or work from home offers. So you can easily get tons of targeted leads in a very short period of time.

Second: Solo ads is extremely cheap. You can get as low as $0.40 up to $1.00 per targeted unique visitor to see your offer. There are 2 type of solo ads: A normal solo ads and a guarantee clicks solo ads. If you bought a normal solo ads, the publisher/vendor will blast your email to their entire email list in one time. So the price is totally depend on the size of the list. If you don’t have much budget to go for the big list, you can choose guarantee clicks solo ads where you only buy certain amount of unique visitors to see your MLM offer. Apart from that, you can use guarantee clicks solo ads to test the conversion of your funnel before you increase your ads budget.

5 Steps Get Targeted MLM Leads Using Solo Ads.

Now you know how awesome solo ads are to generate MLM leads. Below are some tips I personally use to get results from solo ads and how you can too.

  1. Do your research first: Before you spend your hard earn money on solo ads, research on the publisher’s/vendor’s list. First, you may ask for latest testimonial from the publisher/vendor. In case the publisher/vendor is still new and don’t have any testimonial, you may subscribe to their list to see what kind of content they send to their subscribers. If what they are sending out doesn’t suite your MLM offers, drop it and move to the next publisher/vendor.
  2. Get ready your tracking tool: Before you run any solo ads, make sure you set up your tracking code on your website to track exactly how many clicks you got from the publisher/vendor. By doing this, you are also allow to tell where these visitors coming from, whether they are from Tier 1 country, Tier 2 country or Tier 3 country. I believe that you will prefer to get visitors from country with higher buying power right?
  3. Lead Capture Page: If you are running a paid ad, make sure you always send your visitors to a lead capture page to get their contacts for later follow up. Most of the visitors will not sign up immediately, so you must get their email or contact to follow up with them.
  4. Always track your results: You need to test the traffic to keep the winner and eliminate the loser. Here’s a quick question, will you keep sending the same traffic to the same funnel if it doesn’t convert well? Definitely no right? Below are the 3 areas that your need to test for each solo ads you order:
    • Where the traffic coming from? Are they from Tier 1 country like US, UK, CA, AUS or NZ? Or are the from other country where they can’t event understand English?
    • Are the visitors unique or repeated? I believe you don’t want the same visitor visit your website for 100 times and end up not buying anything right!
    • Is your traffic real or bots? There are many scammers out there try to get your money and send you fake traffic. Be careful
    • You may read this article if you would like to know more about my tracking system: “TRAFFIC MONITORING – Top 4 Reason Why You Must Do It“.
  5. Repeat Step 1 to Step 4: There are a lot of solo ads publishers/vendors out there. What you need to do is to test them with a small amount of visitors, implement the 4 steps, keep the winner and eliminate the loser. For those who helps you to make money, you can repeat your order once or twice in a month but not over-promoting.

Now you know how to leverage solo ads to build your MLM empire. If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to hit me up on Facebook to ask me. I will reply your question one by one. Thanks for your precious time to read my blog and god luck to your MLM business. 

Your Learning Partner,
Andy Kho

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