Epic Formula To Monetize Exit Traffic With Exit Popup

Exit PopupDear marketers, is this image (left) look familiar to you? This is the exit popup use by most every top marketer. Are you doing this too? STOP if you don’t! You are wasting your exit traffic!

Let’s face it. I believe many marketers buy traffic to their websites, offers, squeeze pages or sales pages if they don’t generate free traffic. If you are one of them, you buy the traffic so you own the traffic. Don’t leave your money on the table. Don’t let them go away for free. Get them with exit popup.

If you are building a list? You could be missing out on hundreds or thousands of subscribers you you don’t use the exit popup. These are free subscribers and you are probably missing out right now if you are running some marketing campaigns.

For example, if you are sending visitors to your squeeze page and let’s say your squeeze page converting pretty well at 50%. So that’s mean for every 1000 visitors you send, 500 will leave your page just clicking the little “x” button. That’s insane! Don’t waste the traffic. Monetize them with exit popup and offer them something else.


Few Ways to Earn Extra Income with Exit Popup

#1. Redirect Your Exit Traffic to Relevant Affiliate Products

Redirecting Exit Traffic to affiliate products with Exit Popup is a very simple yet powerful way to generate some extra income from the traffic you sent but so many people miss it.

Below are some marketplaces where you can find good affiliate products to promote.

  1. ClickBank
  2. Amazon
  3. JVzoo
  4. WarriorPlus

#2. Send them to CPA offers

CPA offerIf you are generating traffic from PPC, PPV, Solo Ads, Banner Ads, Video Ads, Classified Ads and etc., you may link some CPA offers to your exit popup. If they don’t opt-in on your squeeze page, you still can make some money off from them.

Why I love CPA Network is because you don’t need to sell anything. As long as they fill in the opt-in form, you get paid. As easy as that.

Below are some CPA networks you can join:

  1. Cash Network
  2. Clicksure
  3. OfferVault
  4. PeerFly

Personally I prefer Cash Network because they pay much faster and never void any charges. For beginner, I suggest you to join Cash Network too because you can get approval much easier than the other 3 networks.

#3. Send Them to Solo Ad Vendors

Solo ad vendors are people who sell solo ads. In order to provide good traffics to their clients, they need to get new subscribers to their list consistently. So some of them may provide Pay Per Lead offers.

Pay Per Lead offers are similar to CPA offers. What’s the difference is Pay Per Lead offers are much more simple as they only need your visitors to fill in their name and email for you to get paid. Usually they will pay you $0.50 to $3.00 per opt-in.

If you are in the “Internet Marketing” and/or “Make Money Online” market, then the following list should be useful to you:

  1. Ed Newman: 0.75 per tier 1 lead
  2. Kevin Fahey  0.50-1.50 per tier 1 lead
  3. James Jordan $3.00 per double opt-in lead
  4. Misha Wilson $1.50 per tier 1 lead.

Please do not waste your time by sending junk traffic to these offer or trying to game the system because these guys are very good in detecting bot/fake traffic.


Do(s) & Don’t(s) for Exit Popup Traffic

do and dontYou can do whatever I discuss above.

You can never ever send these traffics to your solo ad clients and ClickBanking partners. Exit Popup traffic is considered as lower quality traffic and people don’t want these traffics.


Examples of Exit Popup That Really Convert

Exit Popup Examples

I hope you implement this simple skill and make extra money from exit popup to cover the cost of the Paid Traffic. 

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