eBook Marketing Strategies – Proven Method To Make Cash From Your eBook!

Before we start with eBook Marketing Strategies, it’s good to know the reasons why you should write an eBook first. If your goal is to make money online, writing an e-Book is a good place to start. It can open many doors for you and many revenue opportunities. Below are the 3 main reasons why you should do it today! eBook Marketing Strategies.

#1 An eBook is an Excellent Incentive to Bring New Subscribers Onboard

If your email list has stopped growing or is growing so slow you think it’s stopped, you can add new subscribers every week with the right marketing tactic. The problem is today many visitors are hesitant to give out their email address, even when they like what your site has to offer. That means you might have to give them a little incentive. An eBook that is packed with valuable content is the perfect incentive. If you provide your visitors with the option of getting valuable information for free that your visitors would be happy to pay for, you will see significant improvements in your subscribers. 

#2 Write a Premium e-Book and Makes Money From Your Blog

Blogging can pay but it’s not always fast. It’s pretty common for a blogger to wait a year to get a check from AdSense that’s little more than a couple hundred dollars and that’s after posting a new blog every day. The reason this happens is that you actually need a huge blog to make any decent money from advertising. 

The solution can be to write an e-Book and sell it from your blog. You can see your revenues increase significantly. So if you are tired of earning small amounts of AdSense money from ads, it’s time to consider this as another option that’s a lot more fun.

#3 Be an Expert in Your Field by Writing an Authoritative e-Book 

If you want make a name for yourself in your area of expertise, an e-book is an excellent way to gain authority and show the world you have expertise in your field. Publish on Amazon and you can be published with some of the most reputable names in your field. Often new authors get more rewards than some of the biggest names in the industry. 

eBook Marketing Strategies

eBook Marketing Strategies

# 1: Research before you write

Before you start writing your ebook, you are going to need to do your research and make sure that the facts you quote or the little bits of information from experts you provide are accurate. Here are 3 tips to help you do the research and provide interesting accurate information.

Tip #1 Read Other Similar Ebooks and Books
This might seem obvious, but too often it is overlooked. Whatever topic you plan to write on, you should be able to find similar ebooks and books. If you are not able to find other material you should actually rethink whether that is a good topic to write on as it might be too exclusive. When you are researching these books you can skim them – you don’t have to read the book in its entirety. You are just looking at it to get some additional ideas of what areas of your topic might work well in a book or even what areas of your topic have not been addressed. It’s an excellent guide to help you determine what content you’ll put in your book.  

Tip #2 Set Aside Time for Your Research
One of the most common mistakes that writers make is to spend too much time in the research stage. It’s so easy to do. You are constantly finding new information, which is leading you to more new information, then to more and… well on it goes. So set a time limit – it could be a couple of days or a couple of weeks. It will depend largely on what your topic is and how big your ebook is going to be. 

Tip #3 Make Sure Your Facts are Facts
If you are searching online for your facts and statistics you need to make sure that they are correct. There is tons of misinformation online and you have to make sure that you are not quoting this information to your readers. Many authors and content writers will make up facts. Sad but true! So take the time to verify this information from reputable sites and then you won’t be adding to an already growing problem. In fact, it’s a good idea to quote the sources you use either within your text or with references at the back of your book.

eBook Marketing Strategies

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#2: Write your first drafteBook Marketing Strategies

You are on your way to writing an e-book. Good for you! If you had no problem coming up with a topic and getting the research done, that’s great! But if now you find yourself suddenly stuck and not sure how to go about your first draft, here’s what you can do. First of all, you are not alone. It’s a common place for writers to reach a stumbling block. Below are the 3 tips that can help you get your e-book first draft done and see you moving on to the next stage. Are you ready?

Tip #1 Put Your Outline Together
The very first thing you should do is put your outline together. It’s one of the simplest tasks you will have and it will give you clear direction before you begin. Your outline needs to include a title for each one of the chapters. Don’t spend a great deal of time on this, because you can change them later to fit the actual copy better. However, creating these titles helps you to better visualize how things should be broken down. Make sure to also create subheadings for each of your chapters. Under each you will need to create your points that you are going to cover in detail.

Tip #2 Find a Quiet Place
You need to find a space to writer where you will be free from distractions. Writing is a highly demanding undertaking and it requires a great deal of energy. Distractions can really make it difficult to stay focused and on track. Avoid temptations that can cause you to become distracted. Turn your phone off, forget about Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc. They can eat away the time you should be focused on working. 

Tip #3 Visualize That You are Writing a Simple Email
If you find you are suddenly left sitting at your desk staring at your screen because your mind has gone completely blank, stop struggling, it will only make things worse. One little trick that seems to help many is to just imagine or visualize that you are writing a simple email to your friend. Just start typing and see what comes out of you later on.

You can grab your outline if you like and pretend that you are being asked a question for every title, subtitle and topic by a friend and then start writing like you are replying to that question with the answer. 
eBook Marketing Strategies

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#3: Avoid Ruining Your First Draft of Your Ebook

You’ve been working hard on your first draft of your ebook and the last thing you want to do is have it fall apart now. After all, you’ve got time and energy involved – and if you are being honest, you are likely getting excited about your creation. So let’s look at some things you need to avoid or it can put your first draft in jeopardy.

Tip #1 Assume You Know What Format is Best for Your Ebook
Even if you have an end goal in mind, make sure that you review all of your option once you are done. An ebook can start as one thing and land up being something completely different. For example, you might have began writing an ebook to use as an incentive to increase your subscriptions but by the time you are done you realize you have written a premium ebook that belongs in Amazon. If you aren’t considering all of your options you could miss this opportunity.There are a number of publication options and you should know what they are so that you do not miss out on any opportunities. 

Tip #2 Pamper Your Procrastinator and Perfectionist Personalities
Quality is important but if you are now proofreading your draft for the eigth time and you are spending 30 minutes deciding on whether you need to put a comma there, you are wasting valuable time. Even books that come from a major publishers have the occasional error. Most will never notice that comma that’s been misplaced. To stop yourself from doing this creates a deadline that you will edit under. 

Tip #3 Don’t Use the First Title You Think Of
It’s your ebook, don’t give into the temptation to use the first title that comes to mind – it deserves far more than that. You need to come up with a title that is compelling and interesting – one that tweaks your potential readers’ interest. Hash it out with a friend. Write down a handful of potential titles and most importantly, do not pick the final title until the book is written. You’ll be surprised at just how it changes from your original idea. 

Completing your first draft is an exciting feeling, but do remember it is just that – your draft. Don’t be afraid to make changes, add other content, remove content, etc. This is what drafts are all about. And by keeping these three important points in mind you’ll avoid ruining your first draft. 
eBook Marketing Strategies

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#4: Editing Mistakes You Should Recognize When You Edit Your Ebook

After you have written your ebook you will have to take the time to properly edit it. Unfortunately, there are many editing mistakes that happen, especially during the first solid draft. Sadly, these mistakes can actually ruin your draft. 

You likely won’t spend nearly as much time editing as you did writing, this is an important part of your finished product, it’s where your ebook starts to take shape, so don’t skimp on editing time. Editing is the difference between an ‘okay’ book and a ‘professional’ well polished book. Let your ebook be the masterpiece it should be. 

Tip #1 Trying to Keep Momentum Flowing
True, you do not want to let momentum falter with your ebook after your first draft is completed, but you also do not want to rush your editing. Sometimes writers will jump immediately into the editing after the draft is done, but the problem is that it can be hard to gain perspective then and as a result you can become frustrated and feel burned out. 

It is much better to give your newly finished draft, a resting period of a few days. A week is actually perfect. Only then should you start to edit and review your draft. By doing this you will come to your draft with fresh eye and you will really be able to see what needs to be changed. This gives you a reader’s perspective rather than that of a writer. 

Tip #2 Tossing Your Best Work
Many an author who starts to edit their first draft makes terrible mistakes cutting things that they should have left only to figure this out too late. Corrupting or losing a file after working so hard to get the first draft together can also be a problem.  

It’s a good idea to save your file with a new version number often. For example, every hour change the file name. MyFirstDraft-1.doc, MyFirstDraft-2.doc, MyFirstDraft-3.doc, etc. You can do this with your additional files as well. For example, when you deem you have a final file, you can call it MyFinal-1.doc – the final is never the final so you can have several versions of this too.

Tip #3 Not Using an Editor
You have been working on your e-book for weeks, even months, so seeing your own mistakes can be difficult, especially for the little things that the mind tends to automatically place for you like missing words.  It’s a common mistake of new authors to not realize the value of hiring an editor. They make the mistake of thinking it’s a cost they can’t afford, when really it’s a cost they can’t afford not to have. 

Think about hiring an editor to at least review the first few chapters of your ebook as major problems should surface in that amount of time. 

Editing is as important as writing so don’t underestimate its value!
eBook Marketing Strategies

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#5: Promote Your eBook

You have written an eBook and now you plan to self publish – good for you! However, you need to be aware that you have a few obstacles you will need to overcome before you can be successful. The biggest problem you face is promoting your eBook so that it gets the visibility you need in order to actually sell it. Just think about it – the internet is like an infinite place with so many corners of the globe you want to reach. There are billions of users and you want to reach as many as possible. 

Don’t worry, this doesn’t make the challenge impossible. You just need to be aware of the websites that you can use to promote your eBook and we are going to share with you five sites that are worth looking at if you want to promote your new eBook. 

Tip #1 Author Marketing Club
This is an excellent site if you want to be able to promote your book for no cost. Here you can submit your eBook for free and tell the world a little bit about it. The site is really easy to use and the signup is a breeze. Give this one a try if you need more promotions for your eBook – of course you do! You can never have enough promoting.

Tip #2 eBook Habit
You have two different options at eBooks Habit. The first option is to promote your eBook for free. The site will decide if you are accepted so you will need to wait for a decision. The second option is to pay $10 to have your book placed or $20 to feature your book as the ‘Book of the Day.’ We included this site because there is a free option and the $10 option really isn’t all that bad either. 

Tip #3 Free eBooks
For anyone that is looking to both publish and promote this site is worth having a look at. Annually they have 10+ million unique visitors so you get excellent exposure.

eBook Marketing Strategies

Writing an e-book can be very rewarding, but it also requires dedication from you if you want it to be a success. I hope these eBook Marketing Strategies help you in your eBook marketing business. Below is a free training video about eBook marketing. Check it out, eBook Profit Engineering!

eBook Profit Engineering

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eBook Marketing Strategies

eBook Marketing Strategies

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