3 Simple Step To Delete Multiple LinkedIn Messages Like A Boss!

Are you facing the same problem as below too? Many LinkedIn user have to delete unwanted and annoying spam messages one-by-one in order to clear all of them. Today I have a quick solution that you can delete multiple LinkedIn messages with a few simple steps.

Delete Multiple Message On LinkedIn

Conditions to Delete Multiple LinkedIn Messages:

  1. Follow and do not skip any steps.
  2. Use Google Chrome as your browser.

If you using this little LinkedIn hack, you can clean up your LinkedIn inbox easily and effortlessly. By using this, I deleted over 1000 messages that piled up year after year in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Developer Tools

step 1 delete linkedin message inbox

A: Open your LinkedIn message inbox with this link: https://www.linkedin.com/messaging.

B: Click the customize and control button.

C: Point your mouse to “More Tool”

D: Click “Developer Tools”

Step 2: Enter The Simple Code To Delete Multiple LinkedIn Messages

After you click on the “Developer Tools” your window will appear like this:

step 1 delete linkedin message inbox

Copy the code below and paste it as shown in the figure above and hit “Enter”.

$(‘.action.delete-action’).each(function(){this.click();var found = “”;while(found == “”){var found = $(‘.yes-btn’);found.click();}});

Step 3: Repeat

The thing is that LinkedIn will not show all the messages after you open your LinkedIn messages inbox and it will refresh once you deleted your messages. So the solution here is you have to repeat step 2 for several times until all your messages are deleted.

This method works for all conversation except conversation that involve multiple people. If you encounter this, all you need to do is to deleted that message manually and then you can continue to get rid of your LinkedIn messages with code again.

One area where the code will not work is if you have conversations in your inbox – that is, messages with multiple people. When you encounter this, all you have to do is delete that specific conversation manually, and then after that you can run the code again to get rid of the rest.

Thanks for reading this article! Please contact me if you face any challenges and please help me to share it because it might be helpful for your friends too.

Your Online Learning Partner,

Andy Kho

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