Top 300 Outrageous Buying Keywords That Trigger Buying Emotion

Buying KeywordsSince last month, I studied HUNDREDS of ad copies, magazine titles, article headlines, sales copy, forums and etc. in order to identify what actually makes their audience buy stuff from them. The answer is they use a lot of buying keywords that trigger their prospects’ buying emotion.

Below are the 300 buying keywords and BONUS 50 Buying Key-Phrases that I gather form all the source I found last month.

I hope these buying keywords are helpful for your business and wish you all the best in your internet entrepreneur journey.


Buying Keywords

Shortcut: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [BONUS]

A1 – A18

Ability Absolute/Absolutely Accident/Accidentally Achieve Advantage
Afford Afraid Ahead Alleviate Almost
Amazing Angry Announcing Answer Approach
Auction Automatic/Automatically Avoid

B19 – B42

Banish Bargain Beat/Beating Beauty/Beautiful Before
Beg/Begging Behind Believe Benefit Better/Best
Big/Bigger Billions Blueprint Bonus Boost
Brand names Breakthrough Brilliant Broke Broken
Budget Build Bust/Busted Buy/Buying

C43 – C63

Can Careless/Carelessly Cheap/Cheapest Clearance Closeout
Compare Comparison Coupon Cure Cash/Money
Caught Close/Closest/Closely Cold-Hard Complete/Completely Confession
Crazy Create/Created/Creating Creative Crime/Criminal Criminal/Crimes

D64 – D79

Dead/Deadly/Dying/Death Deals Dependable Desperate Directions
Disappear Discover Develop Direct Discount
Don’t Double/Triple Dozens/Hundreds/Thousands Dramatically Drastically

E80 – E92

Earn/Earning Easy/Easily Economical Effort/Effortless Eliminate
End Energy/Energize Envy Erase/Eraser Escape
Every/Everything Explaining Extra

Buying Keywords

F93 – F107

Fault Fast/Faster Fear Feel/Feeling/Felt Find/Finding/Found
Fingertips First Fix Fool Forever
Forget Formula Fortune Free Full/Fuller

G108 – G118

Gain Genius Get/Getting Gift Give
Go/Going Grab/Grabbing Grow Guaranteed Guard/Guarded

H119 – H130

Happy/Happier Harness Hate/Hated Have/Having Heal
Healthy/Healthier Hidden/Hiding Hire/Hiring Hostage Hottest
How/How To Hurry

I131 – I145

Immediately Immune/Immunity Important Improve/Improving Increase
Incredible Inexpensive Infuse/Infused Insane Inside/Insider
Install Instantly Instruction(s) Introducing Invest/Investment

K146 – K148

Keeping Kick/Kick-Start Kill/Killing/Killed/Killer

L149 – L164

Laugh/Laughed Lazy Learn/Learning Lease Legally/Legal/Illegal
Lies/Lied Life/Live Little Little-Known Long/Longer
Look Loophole Lost/Lose Love Luck/Lucky

Buying Keywords

M165 – M174

Method(s) Mad Magic Make Man/Boy
Master Mistake(s) More Multiply Mystery/Mysterious

N175 – N180

Naturally Need Never New No

O181 – O187

Offer Online Order Outrage/Outraged Overcome
Owe Own

P188 – P203

Paid Password Perfect Permanent/Permanently Personalized
Plan(s) Poor Powerful Prevent Price
Priceless Profit Program(s) Protect/Protection Prove/Proof

Q204 – Q205

Quick/Quickly Quit

R206 – R222

Rather Ready Realize/Realized/Realization Rebuild Recover
Reduce Relieve/Relief/Relieving Remedy Rent Repair
Restore Retire/Retired Revealed/Reveals Review(s) Revolutionary
Rich Run/Running/Ran

S223 – S253

Safe Scam Scared/Scaring Scream/Screaming/Screamed Secret(s)
Sell Sex/Sexy Shocking Sick/Sickly Simple
Software Solution Solve Special Start
Steal Step by step Stop Strategy Stress/Stress-Free
Struggle/Struggling Stuck/Stick Study Stumble/Stumbled Stupid
Sucker/Suckers Suddenly Surprisingly Survive/Survival System

Buying Keywords

T254 – T269

Technique Tactic Take/Taking Terrified That works
Thin/Thinner Time/Timely/Timeless Tip/Tips Tired/Tireless/Tirelessly Top
Training Treasure/Gem Treat Trick Truth

U270 – U277

Ugly Under Oath Unexplainable Unique Unlock/Unlocked
Unorthodox Urgent Used

V278 – V279

Value Video(s)

W280 – W296

Wanted Warning Wealth/Wealthy When Where
Who Else Why Willing Win Without
Woman/Girl Works/Working Worry Worthless Worthy/Worthwhile
Would You Wrong

Y297 – Y299

Yes You/Your/Yourself Young/Younger



Buying Keywords

50 Bonus Buying Key-Phrases

1 Affordable [product name]
2 Bargain [product name]
3 Best [product name] (online/site/website)
4 Best + product type + in year.
5 Best of [product name]
6 Best price for [product name]
7 Best savings for [product name]
8 Biggest [product name]
9 Brand new [product name]
10 Budget [product name]
11 Buy [product name] online
12 Buy [product name] with (credit card/paypal)
13 Buy one get one for (1 cent/free/half-off)
14 Cash back for [product name]
15 Cheapest [product name] online
16 Clearance/Closeout [product name]
17 Compare [product name]
18 Coupon code for [product name]
19 Discontinued [product name]
20 Discount [product name]
21 Find a [product name]
22 For children/couples/girls/kids/newbies/seniors/students/women
23 For sale
24 Free tutorial
25 Frugal
26 Get [product name] online
27 Get rid of
28 Good price for [product name]
29 Great buy
30 High priced [product name]
31 How to …. with [product name]
32 How to get rid of [problem]
33 How to make
34 Inexpensive [product name]
35 Internet tutorial
36 Low cost/priced [product name]
37 Luxury [product name]
38 New [product name]
39 On sale
40 Online tutorial
41 Refurbished [product name]
42 Resonable priced
43 Sales-priced [product name]
44 Second hand [product name]
45 Secret code (s)
46 Top 10 + product type + in year
47 Top of the line [product name]
48 Top rated 
49 Used [product name]
50 Where can (I/you) buy [product name]


Buying Keywords 2

buying keywords

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