AIDA Formula – 4 Steps To Create Catchy & Punchy Ads Posting

AIDA Formula

Many people are trying their luck to advertise their product and services through social media, newspaper, television channels, banners, leaflets, brochure and etc. Getting leads from your ads is not luck, it’s science and there is a powerful formula behind it, AIDA formula.

Are you ready? Here we go…

# A – Attention

Catchy short phrase like WARNING, WHAT’s UP, LIMITED TIME ONLY or BOOM… are catchy phrases to grab attention. For better results, you can highlight, bold, enlarge, capitalize or underline it. Remember, the headline colour must be stand out and contrast from the background color.

# I – Interest

You may ask some questions in your ad copy to trigger your audience’s curiosity. For example,

  • How to Make Money with Facebook?
  • Want to Lose 20 pounds in a Week?
  • Is Facebook Marketing dead?

In addition, state the some benefits or values of your product and services in your ad copy to filter off the untargeted leads. Your audiences will only continue to read your post if they are really interested in your product and services. Don’t worry if you get lesser leads because quality leads is the key to success in your business.

# D – Desire

Before you create an ad copy, you must know what your audiences want. Tell them what they can achieve if they find out more about your product and services. You may write something that answers the question in “# I – Interest.

“… and etc” and “… and many more” is one of the good way to bring out your audiences’ desire to know more about your post.

Tips: Post something related to MONEY, TIME, FREEDOM, WEALTH and FAMILY because these are something that everyone looking for and chasing after.

# A – Action

Last step of AIDA formula is to Call-To-Action. You must treat all your audiences like “kids” and tell them what you want them to do after they read your post. This is essential because many people don’t know what to do or where to go if they want to know more about your product and services. You can lost tons of money and quality leads if you neglect this step.

Your audience will do what you tell them to do subconsciously if they read it. So, make your call to action clear.

Here are some examples of catchy Ads Posting with AIDA Formula…

Red = Attention
Dark Green = Interest
Purple = Desire
Orange = Action

The Basic

Today I want to show you how enjoy luxury lifestyle 
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Facebook Post

How To Make Money On Online? (Combination of attention & interest) ===========================================================

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Classified Ads

AIDA Formula for Classified Ads

Photo Post / Banner Ads

AIDA Formula for Banner Ads

eBook Cover

Aida Formula for Ebook cover

I hope AIDA Formula can skyrocket your business to a higher level of success. These are the basic marketing skills and follow me to learn more tips for internet marketing.


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To Your Internet Entrepreneurial Journey,

Andy Kho

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