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Hey, I’m Andy Kho. First of all, I would like to thank you for spending your precious time to read my blog. I will share my ideas, experiences, passion and a little more about myself and hopefully you can get some golden nuggets from me.

I’m 25 years old, a young, optimist, passionate internet entrepreneur from Malaysia. I’m a natural giver so I love to share good stuff with everyone and hope you will like my article later on. Before I start, I wish you have a great day and welcome again to my site

When I Was A Kid

I’m from an average family. My father repairs fishnet to earn for living, my mum is a housewife and my little sister still studing in college. I’m always been an energetic, playful and a hyperactive child when I was a kid. However I always know what I want in my life. I still remember when I was 15, I leaded a team of members to challenge Annual Scout Training Camp in 2007. That was a 5 days 4 nights camp and my team got champion. In order to achieve that, I skipped meals and only slept 4 hours along the camp (Do not practice at home). Apart from that, there is no “Give Up” in my life. When I was in From 6(Pre-U), I challenged myself to make a candy rocket for my presentation – I failed found different methods for 14 times before I launch it successfully. 

I Started My Working Life

After I done my form 6(Pre-U), I worked as a laboratory assistant, from 9 to 5 in a highly stressful environment. One day, I nearly lost my right eye during the experiment in the laboratory. At that moment, the time become slow, environment become quiet and this noise appeared in my mind,”Should I risk my life to work for my boss? What could I do if I lost one of my eyes one day? Will my boss hire a blind staff?” The answer will be a NO, absolutely NO, and I will be fired no matter I’m blind or half-blind. Furthermore, working as an employee only generate active income which means, “If I don’t work, I will starve.”

I resigned after a month and worked as an part-time insurance agent before my tertiary education. I’m very satisfy with what I did because I had a very flexible working hour and paid by commissions! Unluckily! I received an offer from one to the top university in my country, University of Malaya(UM). I was very excited and accept the offer but I regret after that. Why? The reason is because I will become a chemist and work from 9-5 in the laboratory again after I graduate. Because of that, I needed to find an alternative ways to secure my future.

Life Turning Point

Everything started in the Light Rail Transit (LRT). I’m from Sarawak, and move to Selangor to further my tertiary education. When I first stepped into the LRT, I saw something strange. That was a beautiful morning but everyone was unhappy. Why? What happened to them? I was curious but I dare not ask them the reason. In order to find out the answer, I did some investigations.

The only reason that they are unhappy is because they have no choice! No matter they like their job, their boss, the working environment or their colleague or not, they still have to work. They are forced to work and they don’t have freedom.

In order to avoid this kind of lifestyle, I started reading books and attend seminars.

Challenges In My Life

During my university life, my major source of income is form PTPTN (study loans for Malaysia students). PTPTN is good however I don’t have much money left for my living expenses after I pay my course fees.

Luckily, I met a new friend in my campus and he invited me to become a property agent. In order for us to achieve a greater result fast, we did a crazy decision. We called our parents and told them stopped sending money anymore. It was tough at the beginning but it motivated us to made more sales. We did this because we saw Li Ka-shing’s quote on Facebook, “Sometimes, it is necessary for you to cut your path of retreat for you to win a way out better.”

2013 was pain year for me because things don’t always turn out the way we thought. When Malaysia general election approaching, majority of my customers lost their confident to invest in the property and cancelled their booking.

I was very afraid at that time because I had no experience and I don’t know how to deal with those “nasty” customer. My sales dropped tremendously and I can’t sleep well every night because I might owed my company 20,000 MYR. 

“Pain is pain. Broken is broken. FEAR is the biggest disability of all. And will PARALYZE you more than you being in the wheel chair.” – Nick Vujicic.

I can’t stop here, I must move forward. (Hit me up on Facebook if you would like to know how I overcome it – Andy Solo Ad)

After I fully withdraw from property industry, I started stocks trading with virtual money first. What happen was my account kept bursting and I restart again and again and again… I don’t mean stock trading is not good, I just found that it might not be a suitable vehicle for me.

Until one day, I discovered the true power of internet and it became the perfect medium for me to release my creativity and make money. I don’t know about you but the main reason why I started my online business back in 2013  is to retire my parents and live a better lifestyle. My initial goal at that time is to earn $10,000 per month and my ultimate goal is to earn $50,000 per month. Then I thought this would be like dream comes true because I’m like making half million dollar a year. 

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as smooth as we thought. I didn’t know anything about marketing, how this business works and I’m not a computer savvy too. So what I did is to buy different courses, products, software, programs, tutorial videos, e-books and attend different kinds of seminars but nothing work. Everything I tried didn’t give me the results I’m looking for. I promote affiliate products, digital products, physical products, In fact, I didn’t make a single dime online after I invested over $10,000. I have everything I need and the knowledge to make money online but I just can’t make it. Why? Read the next paragraph.

Life Changing Decision

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My Vision

To Help 1000 People To Make Full Time Online Income!

I’m looking for people who are hungry for success, have burning desire to achieve their dreams, want to live their passion and willing to change their life. Guide them step by step to generate passive income through the power of internet.

Help as many people as possible to create wealth, make online passive income and reach financial freedom by generating fulltime income from internet business. Your life belongs to you, not your boss, so you have your right to get your freedom and live your passion. 

Top 10 Badass Principles That I Followed

These are the badass principle that I implement in my life so I hope this few principles can change your life too.

Hobbies & Interests

Last But Not Least

The things that get me up every morning is my dreams and the my burning desire to contribute more in the online comumunity.  I will share a lot of cool, good and ninja stuffs like traffic generation strategies,  underground affiliate marketing tips, online marketing knowledge, the right online entrepreneur mindset and golden nuggets that will skyrocket your business and help you to live a better life.

Take your time to go through the learning videos, articles, e-Books, training & learning materials and …. … …  Learn as much as you can, implement them in your business and see magics happen.

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I’m looking forward to connect with you soon! Thank you and enjoy my blog!

To your success,

Andy Kho